PkQuality Custom builds and maintains your website using one of many frameworks. WordPress is one of the popular framework that PkQuality developers love to use because of the following features that it holds:

Search Engine Optimization  Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is inherently SEO friendly. There are a wide variety of plugins and features that will help enhance your custom website’s SEO, and best of all WordPress is built in with solid and simplistic code that will not hinder your rankings on major search browsers. Your custom website will have the best chance for good organic search results. For more information on SEO ( more info ).

Custom Website Updates  Website Updates

Because of WordPress major fan base, WordPress developers release new updates constantly. This means that your website will be constantly improving and evolving with the new updated features being added all the time.

Custom Website Maintenance  Maintenance

WordPress has one of the best CMS (Content Management System) out there on the market. With a little bit of effort, you may and willing to manage your website yourself .

 Wordpress Plugin  Plugins

WordPress has 31,885 plugins which, hits about 684,349,310 downloads and counting These plugins enables your website to be flexible and hold the ability to add in new features constantly to your custom built website. Plugins are typically a standalone subprogram that enhances your custom website. PkQuality Developers ensures that you will have the most efficient plugins for your website needs, If there is not a plugin for it PkQuality Professional Developers will built one for you! ( charges may apply)